Tesla Model S


I used to work as an optician at LensCrafters, and I noticed one of my patients was holding the keys to a Tesla. Immediately I wanted to express my enthusiasm about how amazing I think Elon Musk is for creating such a beautiful peace of art known as the Tesla Model S. Everything about the car amazes me, starting with the key of the Model S, which is actually a key sized Model S. Then there is the beautiful design of the car, the door handles, the 17 inch touch screen that pretty much controls every aspect of the car besides the actual driving of the car, the panoramic sunroof, and the performance. Yes the performance on the Model S is absolutely spectacular.The reason I emphasize the performance is because, as many know the Tesla is a fully electric car. So I drive a Nissan Leaf, which is also a fully electric car, and even though a Nissan obviously doesn’t compare to a 100 thousand dollar Tesla, it is generally the same idea, a fully electric car. 

So I sat with my patient and we talked about the Tesla, and he was like next time I come into Lenscrafters take your break and we will go check out the Tesla. Luckily he was my last patient and I was clocking out and told him lets go now. So we’re walking out of Lenscrafters into the parking lot and he was like here, and tosses me the keys. I see the beautiful black Tesla with the 21inch Turbine wheels charging at the charge station. I stand next to it and like magic the door handles pop out of the car. I sit inside the drivers seat and the car automatically starts. I look with amazement at the 17 inch screen. So then he goes lets take it out for a spin. At this point I was freaking out with excitement. Going back to the performance factor of the car. Now as I was saying I drive a fully electric car and was expecting the Tesla to be the same type of drive. And I’ve never been so wrong about something in my life. I’m a car enthusiasts so I’ve had the chance to drive some over the top performance cars including the BMW 135 twin turbo, the M3, the M5, I’ve driven a Camaro SS, a Mercedes C63, all amazingly powerful cars. Now a lot of these cars are either coupes or small sedans(with the exception of the M5), but I mention them because all of these cars are known for their power, for the exceptional handling, for their amazing drive. But the when I drove the Tesla it was far more amazing than any of those cars. It drove as quietly as a Prius going under 5mph(silent) but it took off like a rocket. The 85 kilowatt-hour battery pushes 416 horsepower and goes 0-60 in 4.2 seconds. The m5 barely beats it reaching 0-60 in 4.1 seconds, but its doing that with a v10 engine, not on battery.

So I open up the sunroof(by just sliding down the roof of the car projected on the screen with my finger) and back out and take the car for a spin. I take the car by the local dealerships where they have straight roads where they usually take customers out for a test drive. I bring the car to a complete stop and just floor the gas, and silently the car reached speeds of around 100mph on that small road without any effort. My god was the adrenaline pumping throughout my body. All this fun with zero emissions.


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