Camaro SS

Last year I was ready for a new car, and one of the cars I was checking out was the Chevorlet Camaro SS. Now generally, I’m not a fan of American cars(Except for the tesla of course), but as cliche as it sounds, the Transformers movie made me fall in love with the Camaro SS. That was until I got behind the wheel of one. Lets start with what I like about the car before I continue onto the longer list on what I don’t like about the car. I like the aggressive look of the car, with the 20 inch wheels, the halogen lights, and the fact that it has the classic American Muscle car look.

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The model I checked out was the ss, which has a 6.2 liter engine producing 426 horsepower. Now when I read those numbers I was really impressed. But when I got behind the wheel I wasn’t as impressed. Although a coupe, the car is huge. Literally, I felt like I was behind the wheel of a low full size pick up truck. But still, the cabin size of the car wasn’t that big. The car weighs about 3900 pounds! Now if you want to just drive in a completely straight line, you can have fun going 0-60 in about 5.2 seconds However, the car just feels so heavy and in my opinion I didn’t have fun driving it. It was extremely hard to maneuver the vehicle, shifting gears wasn’t as smooth, felt really hard on turns just overall a boring driving experience. I went for a test drive in the car and was completely over it as soon as I reached my first turn. To be completely honest, right after I left the dealership and I checked out the Hyndai Genesis coupe, and although a lot, lot weaker, I felt like I had a lot more freedom driving such a lighter car, if that makes sense.

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