LandRover LR4

My mom used to drive a Land Rover LR4. Man oh man did I love driving that thing. It was such a massive vehicle on the outside, but so luxurious on the inside. I felt like I owned the road behind the wheel. Although Land Rover, with that name, is built for an off road experience, lets start with talking about the on road experience. The LR4 has a 375-horsepower, direct-injection, 5.0-liter V-8 engine, with a smooth, six-speed automatic transmission. For a vehicle that weighs almost 6,000 pounds, that engine performs wonderfully when accelerating. The cabin of the car is one of my favorite things. Theres three sunroofs for each row of seating. Also those three rows of seating are arranged stadium style, meaning the front two seats are the lowest, the middle two seats are higher, and the back seats are the highest, that way all passengers can see whats happening literally in front of them, next to them, and on top of them. The  17-speaker, 

Land Rover LR4 driving through water

photo courtesy of Land Rover US

825 watt Meridian surround sound system is just like the Mercedes c350 I mentioned in the previous post, on steroids with a lot more bass, which personally is what I’m all about when it comes to my music. Going on a road trip and you want to keep some cold drinks with you? Thats fine because theres also a built in cooler box. The car comes with everything else you would expect to see in a luxury SUV including leather seats, heated seats all around, head rest televisions, Navigation, satellite radio, xenon headlights, fancy wood grain, all that neat stuff.

Land Rover LR4 terrain response selection buttons

Terrain response buttons, photo courtesy of Land Rover US

Now lets talk about what the car was made for. Its capabilities beyond the pavement. The technology involved with the steering, suspension and traction working together make the offroad a fun adventure. The LR4’s capability off-road is enhanced by technologies like Gradient Acceleration Control, which helps make steep descents feel more assured,

Terrain Response, which reconfigures the settings so you can take on any surface with confidence, including grass, gravel, sand, and even rocks

Everything about this 6000 beast is more to love for me. The design, the technology, the drive, everything just makes me enjoy driving this car. If you want to feel like you own the road, I would highly recommend checking out the LR4

Land Rover LR4 rear view driving on gravel track

Photo courtesy of Land Rover US