This past weekend, I came home to visit my family in the Bay Area, California. On friday night, a couple of those boys decided to get together and go to the city. I had the joy of being appointed as the designated driver. When I say joy, thats not sarcasm, I mean literal joy. One of my friends recently got a Mercedes Benz C350 equipped with the sport package, and I had the joy of driving it around the city all night. Now personally, I’ve always preferred a Bimmer over a Benz, but nonetheless, I had an amazing night driving the c350.

Sport Sedan in Lunar Blue with Bi-Xenon headlamps

Photo courtesy of Mercedes Benz USA

 Now I would say that the c350 coupe is the competitor of the BMW 335i I mentioned in the last post. However the c350 sedan has the same 3.5 liter engine found in c350 coupe so I still compared the two. The rear-wheel-drive C350 sedan produces 302 hp at 6500 rpm and 273 lb-ft of torque at 3500 rpm and reaches 0 to 60 mph in 5.3 seconds. Going back to the BMW 335 in comparison, I would definitely say I had a lot more fun driving the Bimmer, however the Mercedes felt like a car I would drive as a daily driver. Not saying I didn’t have an amazing time driving the c350. Putting it in sport mode, I would easily reach speeds of 85+ miles per hour and didn’t even realize it.

The model I was in came equipped with the sports package which included

  • Rear lip spoiler
  • Gloss Black side mirrors
Sport Sedan in Mars Red with Bi-Xenon headlamps

Photo courtesy of Mercedes Benz USA

Although the c350 sedan only comes in a 7 speed automatic, those paddle shifters made the ride a lot more fun. The vehicle was also equipped with the multimedia package, which includes navigation, 7inch screen, satellite radio, all the stuff you would expect to see when buying a 45 thousand dollar entry level luxury sedan. But the thing most noticeable to me was the Harman/Kardon LOGIC7 sound system, which was specifically engineered for the C-Class, the premium digital sound system makes it sound like you are in sitting in a surround sound movie theater.  It is equipped with Dolby Digital 5.1 surround sound technology, and along with the cars ambient lighting package, I felt like I was in a mini rave on that drive to the city. Another small detail that really impressed me, is on the way to the city, there was a 2 mile stretch of construction traffic. About 7 miles prior to the traffic, the car paused the music and let me know that in about 7 miles traffic is moving at a pace of about 20 miles per hour. The fact that the car was knew that and was able to let me know just blew my mind away.

Sport Sedan in Ash leather with Black Ash wood

Photo courtesy of Mercedes Benz USA