2013 BMW 335is


One time last fall, it was finals week and I was cramming a semesters worth of 5 classes into one week. When I wasn’t in class I was in the library. It was a long week and come Saturday I came across a conflict. I have finals in two days and my entire family is home, definitely not a study environment, and the library is also closed. Earlier that day, my dad asked me to pick him up from the Honda dealership because he needed an oil change, so I told him I would just take the car in for him. It was about a 3 hour wait, but the dealership had air conditioning, wifi, and complimentary coffee, a perfect study environment for me. So I’m at Honda, and about two hours go by, and my brain is completely fried so I decide to take a break. I step outside for some fresh air and see the BMW dealership right next door. I’m dressed in a nice polo shirt, I look like I could be in the market for a BMW so I go and talk to a sales associate, let him know I’m in the market for an M3 coupe, preferably an Alpina white one in stick, I sounded like a serious customer, but in reality I just wanted the joy of a quick test drive. Unfortunately for a brand new M3, they need to run a credit check before allowing customers to test drive. So instead I just settled for the next big thing, the 335is coupe, and what do you know, they have one in stick, in the Alpina white I like so much. 


The 335is coupe is such a phenomenal car. Most people who have some sort of knowledge on BMWs are more familiar with the 335i. The 335is is pretty much just a step up from the 335i and a step below the M3. Before the 335is, the 3 series was pretty much unchanged since 2007. The 335is has a more sporty body, resembling the M3. The “angel eyes” were replaced with led angel eyes. 

The 335i uses the new N55 engine, and the 335is uses a lightly reworked version of the N54 (twin-turbo) engine producing 320HP and 332lb-ft (with an overboost function boosting the torque to 370ft-lbs for 7 seconds) vs the 335i’s 300HP/300lb-ft.

Getting behind the wheel of that twin turbo engine got my adrenaline pumping. I did not treat that car well in the 10 minutes I had to drive it. As soon as I left the lot(with the sales associate in the passenger seat of course), I came to a complete stop and red-lined the rpm and listened to the car roar. The sale associate literally said “lets run it” and I was so ready. I put the car in first, foot on the clutch I revved the engine to about 5000rpm and released the clutch and the car just zoomed off. It was such an exhilarating feeling shifting from first to second, second to third. That’s as far as I could go with how fast I drove it before coming to a turn and having to shift back down. I drove it for about a cool 10 minutes when the sales associate (who also had a good time in passenger seat) said we should probably head back to the dealership. That’s when it was back to reality. I gave him my contact information and poor guy called me almost every day for a week, but I was too busy with finals to answer. I felt kind of bad for playing with his emotions but at the same time I didn’t because I know we both had a good time in those 10 minutes.

If you have about 35-45 thousand dollars to shell out on a new coupe, I would highly recommend a 2011-2013 335is coupe. However if you want the newest 2014 bmw, they discontinued the 3 series coupe and replaced it with a 4 series. Not to say that the 435i, with the same twin turbo engine wouldn’t be just as fun 😉